Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tom Danielson Tests Positive Again

Tom Danielson has tested positive on the "B" sample for a "anabolic agent" according to USADA.  There is some speculation that the "anabolic agent" is DHEA, a testosterone precursor that can also be used as a masking agent.

Oddly enough, Mr. Danielson originated this speculation by making an announcement prior to the 2015 Tour of Utah that he had received a letter from USADA stating that he had tested positive for synthetic testosterone. This is most unusual. Generally, the regulatory agencies are on the phone to L'Equipe long before the ink is dry on the Lab Document Package with breaking news. Amazingly, neither USADA or the UCI leaked the story.

Perhaps the regulatory agencies have finally learned not to initiate a witch hunt before the athlete has a chance to collect his wits and prepare an adequate defense.

Mr. Danielson does not appear on the "provisionally suspended" list. Perhaps the secretary is on a coffee break?

Jonathan Vaughters is backpedaling as fast as he can from the situation by informing the fanatics of some astounding news.  Cannondale Garmin informed Mr. Danielson that his contract would not be extended before Mr. Danielson tested positive for an anabolic agent.  What Mr. Vaughters omitted was why the contract was not extended.  One could speculate that Mr. Vaughters is suggesting that Mr. Danielson hired Levi Leipheimer as personal coach, trainer, consultant, and bulked up with drugs in order to win the Tour of Utah in order to prove to other teams that he was still a valuable asset. (A person should avoid contact with such people to avoid impropriety, especially as Levi Leipheimer is an expert on how to dope and avoid detection.) Others might suggest that the contract was terminated because Mr. Danielson is 37 and about to join the masters.  But others might suggest that Cannondale Garmin knew that Mr. Danielson was using drugs, or that Cannondale Garmin was complicit in this behavior.  Why would Mr. Vaughters wonder why neither USADA or the UCI has told him what Mr. Danielson tested positive for?  True.  Mr. Danielson was still employed by Cannondale Garmin when he tested positive, which is suggestive. But since Mr. Danielson has been terminated by Cannondale Garmin, is it any business of Jonathan Vaughters?  Perhaps, Mr. Vaughters could hold another press conference and be more forthcoming about the circumstances of why Mr. Danielson's contract was not extended.

The next step for Tom Danielson is the USADA Anti-Doping Review Board.  There he will have an opportunity to argue that he was accidently poisoned by a tainted supplement or that he was a victim of sabotage.  At considerable expense.

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